BBO Extractor

BBOtoXML Web App

This app converts a csv file, produced by BBO Extractor Chrome extension, to an xml file, optionally translating the BBO user names to their real names. After you have run the BBO Extractor start the webapp from here (or the buttons on the front page of this website):

When you start it for the first time make a bookmark in your browser and start it from there next time.

  1. Once you start the webapp, enter values in the fields where required. The Club name, Club ID Number, UMS Charge Rate, Contact name, scoring method and master points (0 or blank) are stored by the browser and are displayed when the app is restarted. Therefore you don't have to enter them every time you start the app.

    • Club Name - this is any name you like

    • Club ID Number - if your club is affiliated to a bridge union, enter the union club ID

    • UMS Charge Rate - This is specific to EBU.
      • 10 normal code for clubs (20 for county)
      • 11 teaching / supervised play, no MP
      • 12 MPs but no NGS

    • Contact Name - optional, enter contact name and optionally any contact details. This will be displayed on Bridgewebs as Scorer.

    • Scoring method
      • Scoring matches BBO - the percentages and rankings will be exactly as on BBO
      • Enhanced scoring (Neuberg) - higher precision calculation. Neuberg formula used when calculating results.

  2. Set master points boxes, North/South for one winner, North/South and East/West for two winner.
    • 0 = no master points will be calculated.

    • blank = EBU master points will be calculated at basic scale with scale multipliers and allowing for equal positions and number of boards played.

      The scale multipliers are:
      • x1 - Basic Club Scale
      • x1.5 - District
      • x2 - County
      • x3 - Regional
      • x4 - National
      The scale multipliers only apply to blank NS and EW boxes.

    • Free format strings of master points can be used as in these examples
      • enter these manually perhaps for CBAI master points, EW equal fourth.
      • where you don't want to allocate any master points to NS1. Note the leading comma.
      • an example of ACBL masterpoints.
        NS display on Bridgewebs will be

  3. Click on 'Load Names' button, if you wish to convert BBO usernames to real names and optionally include NBO numbers. The names file will be loaded and used during the conversion to xml. The names file has to be in a prescribed format. See BBO User Names File.

  4. Click on the appropriate button to convert the csv file to an XML file.
    • 'Create XML file' - the top button creates a standard XML file for upload to EBU/UMS, EBUscore, and results websites other than Bridgewebs. The file name is appended with 'UMS'.

    • 'Create XML for Bridgewebs' - this button produces an XML file in a format specifically suitable for Bridgewebs. A non standard tag is used to pass the BBO hand replay data to Bridgewebs.
  5. When conversion has completed, two more display-only fields are shown:
    • Event Date - the tournament date from the csv file is displayed after the conversion.

    • BBO Event Link is the link to your tournament results page. You might wish to put it on your club website result page as a link back to BBO where members can see the original BBO results. Use CTRL+C to copy it and then later CTRL+V to paste it into the link. See Upload to Bridgewebs.