BBO Extractor

Upload to Bridgewebs

  1. Uploading Results

    This describes Method1 of the several methods you have on Bridgewebs to upload BBO results. This is our preferred method.

    Once you created the xml file with the web app BBOtoXML you can upload it together with the pbn file to your website. Go to Administration then Results Administration:

    Under 'Select the Results File' click on 'Choose file' and select the xml file created by BBOtoXML. Under 'Select the Deal' file click on 'Choose file' and select the pbn file created by BBO Extractor.

    Click on Upload to upload the xml and pbn files together.

    You might get either total success message or a partial failure, but letting you choose if you want to overwrite an existing event or choose a new event. You might have an event with the same date already uploaded, so the website is giving you a choice to overwrite this one or create a new one.

    Do NOT use BBO Online tab. This is not compatible with this method for uploading BBO Extractor results to Bridgewebs.

  2. Link to the Results on BBO

    Some users like to have a link to the results on BBO.

    You can put the link in the Information section after the event has finished as shown here:

    and then click on the chain link symbol above right:

    The URL is the string from BBOtoXML web app which can be found in the 'BBO Event Link' field in the web app.

    This will be displayed on the website as a clickable link: