BBO User Names File

BBO User Names File

A user names file can be used in the webapp BBOtoXML to convert BBO user names to their real names. The file must be in the following format:

bboname,firstname,surname,nationalID OR
full name,firstname,surname,national ID

bboname is a user's name on BBO, firstname and surname is user's actual name.

full name is the players full name as imported in XML file from another playing platform

Note that bboname or full name lines are optional, you don't have to have both.

The nationalID field is optional and, if present, is the national ID of the player (e.g. EBU number).

When used for EBU UMS, nationalID should be present for all users, even those without an EBU number. The users without an EBU number should have 88888888 in this field to avoid problems with the UMS upload.

Trailing commas are allowed at the end of the line.

The names file should have a .txt file name extension.
See here for a sample BBO user names file.

If you are using Excel you can first save the file from Excel as a .csv file. You can use "Save As.." in the menu, select "Other Formats", and from the list choose "CSV (Comma Delimited)". After you have saved it, you can just rename it to TXT in the windows file explorer. It's possible that your file explorer settings don't show file extensions by default. If not, you would need to enable this setting before you can change the extension (open the "C" drive in the file explorer, click on the "View" menu at the top and tick the "file name extensions" checkbox near the right hand side of the display).

Alternatively you can create the names file using the names spreadsheet from EBUScore Wiki. Add in the information for the players from your club in columns A-D. Column F will then provide the names in the format needed for the names file. You then just need to copy column F and save it in a new Notepad document.