BBO Extractor

What is BBO Extractor

The term "BBO Extractor" is used for two software components.

  1. One is the Chrome extension "BBO Extractor", which extracts the results and hand records from a BBO matchpointed pairs and cross imp pairs tournament as well as two teams of 4. It stores the result as a csv file and PBN file in the browser's Downloads folder. Full ranking, scorecard, and traveller details are extracted as well as BBO bid and play data.

  2. A web app BBOtoXML is the second software component which is then used to convert the csv file into an xml file suitable for upload to EBU/UMS, EBUscore and Bridgewebs as well as other bridge result websites. Conversion from BBO usernames to real names is carried out if a names file is loaded.

How to Use the BBO Extractor - Summary

Prepare the BBO user names conversion file. See BBO User Names File

  1. Run BBO Extractor. This will produce a result csv file and a pbn file with hand records. See Extracting from BBO for details.

  2. Open the web app BBOtoXML.

  3. This will convert the csv file produced by the BBO Extractor to an xml file, optionally translating the BBO user names to their real names. See BBOtoXML Web App for details.

  4. Upload the xml file and the pbn file to Bridgewebs. See Upload to Bridgewebs for details.

Alternatively see instructions in EBUScore Wiki.

How to Install the BBO Extractor Software

  1. Install BBO Extractor Chrome extension from the Chrome web store. Follow this link and then click on 'Add to Chrome'.

    The Chrome extension works with a few other browsers. An important point to mention is that people don't have to switch from their favourite browser. They can just install Chrome browser alongside their existing browser, but leave the existing browser as the default browser and use Chrome just for running BBO Extractor.

    The following list of browsers that work with BBO Extractor is not necessarily complete:
    • The latest version of Microsoft Edge supports chrome extensions and works with BBO Extractor. You might have to download the latest version from the web, the installed version of Edge does not update automatically. The latest working version tested here is 81.0.416.68. When first opened/ installed BBO Extractor, a message appears at the top of the window saying something like "Allow Extensions from Other Stores". Tick this in order to install BBO Extractor.
    • Opera on the PC.
    • Yandex on the PC and Android.
    • Brave on the PC
  2. The Google Chrome browser can be installed on the Mac and supports BBO Extractor.

  3. The web app BBOtoXML doesn't require installation and is available from here by clicking on this button.

    Once you start the app you might wish to set a bookmark in your browser.